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Clinical Coder

Auckland District Health Board - Clinical Coder, Clinical Coding Service, Auckland City Hospital

Sun, 10/28/2012 - 23:02
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Sum up your experience: 
Great team, excellent training
Clinical Coding Service
Auckland City Hospital
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What do you like about working for this employer?: 
The friendly team, everyone gets on well and it's very multicultural, potential to work from home in the future, great training and experience working in a large hospital
Features and benefits: 
Flexible work hours, ongoing education and training
What don't you like about working for this employer?: 
Aircon doesn't work too well, so it can be hot and stuffy, most communication with fellow employees and management is via email so not a lot of human interaction
What would you change about this employer?: 
Reward staff for meeting targets, rotate more frequently to keep up coding skills in different specialties
What would you tell someone who is considering joining this employer?: 
I would recommend working at ADHB, as you will get to code a broad range of specialties of varying complexity. There is a wealth of experienced staff members to learn from and it's great coding from electronic records.
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